Explore this classic and the science behind it!!!

Find out what you get when you mix 1 Cow, 3 Magic Beans and 1 Giant Beanstalk in The Puppet People’s newest show!

With over 10 new puppet creations this production is sure to please even the biggest
and grumpiest of giants!

*Meet Jack the giant slayer!!

* Help him in his travels!

* See a beanstalk grown before your very eyes!

* Can a goose lay golden eggs?

* Help our hero save the day!!

* Lots of Audience Participation!

* 40 minutes of fun!!

* Ages 3-8 years

* Ideal for Libraries, Primary Grades, Pre-Schools, Daycare Centers, Camps, or any small group

"Fee ,Fi, Fo, Fum….., that was a great show!"

Audience member, Crandel Library, Glens Falls, NY