Bully Bustin'

Grades K - 5

The most sought after bully prevention program and our most popular show, The Bully Busters, has been re-imagined and re-tooled for 2010. Two years in the making, 16 beautifully hand crafted puppets, new sets, new story and new original music, join the Bully Busters on their new adventure. Your students will have a blast while learning how to deal with bullying behavior in a non-violent way.

This show features beautifully handcrafted masks, rod puppets, mouth puppets, shadow puppets,  body puppets, and original music

Meets your SAVE legislation requirements and Second Step guidelines and can be funded using Title IV Funds!

"I'm gonna to be a Bully Busters when I grow up!"

3rd grader, Galway Central school

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